Pizza night (homemade)

We love a good pizza night here but even the super market ones leave you waking in the night feeling thirsty because of the high salt content. Because of this I wouldn’t give it to my baby boy, now 9 months, so I finally got around to using the yeast extract that has been sitting in my cupboard for sooo long.

When he is slightly older I think making the pizza with him too would be a lovely activity to do so I will definitely be making this again.

To make the base weigh out 550g plain flour, next time I may use wholemeal to be extra healthy. Add a sprinkle of pepper and salt, or you can leave this out if you want.

In a jug put 1tbs of caster sugar, 300ml of luke warm water, 2 tbs of oil, olive oil is best but I used sunflower, and then add 1x 7g sachet of dry yeast. Now this is the only ingredient you may not have lying around, but get it from the super market for less than £1, it keeps for ages and has about 8 sachets in the box, worth getting. Mix together and leave for a few minutes. The yeast starts to react and fizzes a bit and makes the water a light brown colour, like dirty water…

Then slowly mix the wet into the dry ingredients with a wooden spoon. Once all mixed in start kneeding and stretching. Instead of doing this on the work surface you can literally just pull it apart and kneed in the bowl. Then when not quite so sticky leave in the bowl with a damp tea towel over the top for 2-3 hours, a bit longer or shorter is probably ok too. The dough will rise to double the size.

When ready to use knock some of the air out and then divide into 4 for 4 medium sized pizzas, or 2 for 2 12″ish pizzas. Role the dough to a rough circle and transfer to a baking tray with baking sheet on/flour. Use fingers to stretch the dough to the right size and thickness you want.

When all is rolled out and on baking tray brush a little oil onto the top before adding the tomato sauce.

For the sauce use 1 carton of passata mixed with 2 tbs of tomato paste and you are good to go. Or try adding a pinch of chopped tyme, oregano and basil for a bit of extra flavour.
Layer it on top of the pizza and then decorate the pizza with the toppings of your choice:
cheese, ham, pineapple, or in my case: anchovies, capers, olives and artichokes… YUM!

(For my son I just did cheese, sweet corn and mushrooms).

Bake in a preheated oven of 200c or 180c fan for 20-25 minutes checking it isn’t getting too brown on top.


Be careful, if you cover the top with cheese this really holds the heat in so the little one needs to have cooled before giving to baby.

He loved it, and so did we 🙂





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