Early Summer Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble

Crumble in early summer? Too hot?

Well firstly it is still spring… and secondly I could eat crumble any time of the day/year but thirdly this crumble uses fruit that is in season now/next month and is delicious served with vanilla ice cream whilst sitting in your garden as the evening draws in and the temperature cools.
This is tried and tested by me!

As I said rhubarb is in season now. Unfortunately ours is dead, dead, dead! So luckily my lovely parents gave me some rhubarb from their garden.

Strawberries are growing and being imported to markets from the continent but within the next few weeks you will see them ready in PYO fields and hopefully your own garden too. Since being pregnant I eat a lot of strawberries, and my son eats a lot now so I always get them but sometimes they can be overripe from the market so rather than throwing them away I cut away any bad bits and decided to make this crumble.

Firstly put the oven on to 190c or 170c fan and then make the fruit filling.

My dad stewed the rhubarb with water and sugar before giving it to me but you can just use un-stewed rhubarb, the below reflects this.

Use 600g of rhubarb sliced and chopped into 1″ strips. Chop 300g of strawberries (feel free to play with the quantities of each). Add these to a pie dish type thingy mabob with about 2 tbs of water and 100g of caster sugar.


For the crumble rub together 120g of butter/marg and 230g of plain flour. Then add in 120g of soft brown sugar and rub again to breadcrumbs. Sprinkle over the fruit mix. I was going to let my son try some so I left off nuts but I think crushed hazelnuts would go lovely with this, just sprinkle some on top before putting into the oven.

Put in the preheated oven for 25-30 minutes.

Da daaa – Serve once cooled slightly with ice cream and watch the sun set!









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