Festive Florentine Baking – Orange and Cranberry 

This recipe is super simple and quick but looks impressive so a great one to make for a christmas hamper, especially if your baby is only napping for 10 minutes…

I love florentines especially ones with a bit of an orange tang. To me they tast like christmas.

To make these line 2 baking trays with baking paper and put the oven to 180c fan to heat up.

Measure out and combine in a pan: 100g of demerara sugar, 100g golden syrup, a shot of orange juice and 100g butter. Melt on a medium heat and stir to combine.

Take off the heat and add in: 100g flour, 70g flaked almonds, 30g chopped walnuts, 30g chopped hazel nuts, 100g dried mixed peal and 70g dried cranberries. To be honest if you have different nuts or slightly different quantities it will still work.

Combine and then spoon teaspoon sized balls onto the baking sheet, 6 per sheet spreading them for the cooking and flattern them slightly. Then cook for about 9 minutes, leave to cool on the sheet then a rack.

Once cool melt some chocolate in a glass bowl sat on a pan with boiling water in. You choose what kind, i went for dark as i love dark chocolate and i think it makes it tast richer. I couldnt tell you the exact quantity, probably about 100g, but if you have some left over, well do what i do and sit there with a spoon (hey im breastfeeding…). Then spread over the flat surface of the florentine and leave to cool.

This quantity made about 34. Why not make them and wrap them up nice to put into hampers. Or just eat them yourself. It is Christmas you know…



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