A new chapter in Warwick

Wow I haven’t posted since June, not like I was busy or anything…

This is a quick run down on what I have been up to in the last 6 months.

In July we went for a weekend in Lechlade with the family in law and tested out camping in the new Kangoo. It was great spending time relaxing but being about 33 weeks pregnant, squeezing into the car to sleep and walking in the night to the toilets left me pretty exhausted so the next day i ended up in hospital due to a bleed. After monitoring and lots of injections i was released 2 days later.

Only 2 weeks later I finished working and started my maternity leave. Liking to be busy and feeling like I had made a full recovery I attended a sewing workshop, man my back hurt! I also did a sewing dad with my mum in law which was really nice to do.

I then went on holiday with my mum to Stratford as we didn’t want to be too far from home in case I went into Labour early. Luckily I didn’t so we were able to hit 4 out of the 5 Shakespear venues over the 2 days, unfortunately the last one I was exhausted so just managed to go in, sit down and then go out again but it was all fun and interesting. Some tasty food was had including fish and chips and we stayed in a nice hotel in the center of stratford so could walk to everywhere. It was lovely to spend time with mum before i became a mum.

The day after I had my friends hen do which was paper crafts and a meal and a few days later i got the train up to the Lakes for a few days holiday with my parents. It was lovely and relaxing and involved lots of icecream eating (as usual).

After that week of excitement it was then catching up with friends and relaxing until the big day…

I have to say the last 7 weeks of pregnancy are hard and the last 4 are even harder. Waking 2 + times a night, walking slower and your knees hurt, being tired again…ye its all good fun, by the end you just want the baby and for it to be over you forget that you have to go through Labour!

Then I went into Labour at 5am on 24th August, nearly 1 week early, and 2 weeks earlier than the original date given. It started with a visit to the toilet in which I discovered my heind waters had broke. I was abit concerned so called the hospital who told us to come in. We went in and they confirmed it was happening but said I could go home and would be induced a day later if things hadn’t started by then… but they did. Within 2 hours of being home the contractions had started and went straight to 3 in 10 minutes, gaining in strengh so we went back in and straight to the Labour ward as I was already 4 cm. 
I was lucky enough to get the water birthing suit that I wanted so hoped into the bath but after 3 hours nothing had happened but the pain grew so I asked for Pethadine.
Upon examination they decided to break the waters and realised the baby had pooed which meant out of the bath and perminant monitoring incase he was in distress. It all happened quite fast after that with more constractions and stronger then time to push (and you know when you need to push). 40 mins later of pushing with Richard as a wonderful birthing partner and my life was changed, Warwick Jesse was born into the world at 17:55 weighing 8lb 12.5oz.

I spent that night on the ward with my beautiful new born unable to sleep with excitement and checking on him every few minutes. I was in the same bed as before as well! 

The next day involved lots of checks on me and Warwick, lots of injections, some quite nice hospital food and finally we were released to come home.

Bringing Warwick home I was terrified about how Seymour was going to be with him. At first he was intrigued, especially with the crying, and wanted to lick his face to say hello. He had a restless first night, then he settled really well and now they are best buds.

Warwick is now nearly 4 months old and to be honest I don’t know where that time has gone or what I have but I know it involved many ear tests (finally got the all clear at 8 weeks), hip scans (also all good), birth registry, stay and plays, rhyme time, yoga, chattermatters, baby massage, 1 trip away for my dads birthday, and friend and family catching up…

I’m hoping I can post more frequently but Warwick may have other ideas so stay tuned!


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