Wild garlic and cheese scones

As you all know I am a big fan of food for free and at this time of the year there is a beautiful smell in the air and our walks are made all the more beautiful for the abundance, in certain areas, of wild garlic.

I have posted a wild garlic recipe before here. Check them out, if you like onions and garlic then they are perfect. If, like me, you love them but I seem to have developed a mild alergy to them 😦 where my lips go tingly, then this recipe is a more subtle use of wild garlic and works well for me.

But first I just wanted to say where we went to find them. We are very lucky by us that every so often a fancy house, farm or village decides to do an open gardens type of event. Last weekend over Easter about 5 minutes from us Whitacre Hall opened their farm grounds and woods to the public with a pop up tea room. It was a lovely little walk followed by a tasty cake so what isn’t to love.

We went to see the blue bells and they didn’t disapoint!

Blue bells are a good indicator that the wild garlic should be out. They grow at the same time but in different areas of woodland, blue bells under dappled light of woodland whilst wild garlic is along the banks of a stream in a wooded area.

For this recipe it is a basic scone mix which means you can add herbs as you want.

To make about 2 scones the first thing is to weigh out and rub together until breadcrumbs about 60g of butter and 125 g plain flour with a tiny pinch of salt.

Then add about 3-4 leaves of washed, dried and then chopped wild garlic. Also add about 20g of grated cheese.

Mix together and add about 2 tbs of milk to bind the mix together and roll into 2 flattened balls to place on a baking tray.

Bake in a preheated oven at aboout 200c or 180c fan for about 15 minutes.

These are so gorgious hot and on their own no need for any more butter or filling…but you can if you want too!

Enjoy experimenting with the herbs. I tried marjaram and made it into a dumpling type scone to go with beef stew and that was gorgious too!




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