Super simple flapjacks

So I really love flapjacks but they have to be the right everything: right stickyness, moistness, quantity of fruit and also a bit of crunch.
I don’t know why but it never occured to me to make my own.

Anyway now I have and it is dangerous! The more I make the more I eat :s oh well, the oats are healthy…

Ok so maybe not but I am sure it is better than some of the bought ones packed full of sugar, its super cheap to make and easy.

This recipe makes about 10 portions and you can take out the fruit, add chocolate or leave plain.

First part is to weigh out and put into a pan over a low heat so it melts together:
3 oz butter, 1.5 table spoon of golden syrup and 3 oz of brown sugar.

Then weigh out about 7oz of oats and 2 handfulls of raisins.

Fold the dry mixture into the wet and when combined squish into a baking tin about 7″.

Bake for about 20-25 minutes on 170c, 150c fan.

Take out and leave to cool and look at that! 

Sooo simple, it is a great one for the kids to make and take for lunch or on picnics, but that is if you haven’t eaten it all first like me!


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