sleep, sleep, Baby!

Wow, so I haven’t posted anything since December, well I guess that makes sence. Since then I have been sick on the evenings and a sleep in bed for 8 not wanting to do anything, no forraging, baking or sewing… Something must be wrong!

Actually its not wrong, its quite right 🙂

My partner and I are expecting our first baby, woohoo.

We found out about the end of December which made it about 5 weeks at the time. Come 6 weeks the moring heaving and evening sickness (wow thats some violent sick) started. Luckily not every night but enough to get you down and worn out. 

What people don’t tell you I think is the tiredness…zzz…
That is probably even worst than the sickness, well for me it was anyway. I think that came into full effect about 7 weeks and where as the sickness was say everyother night the tiredness was from about 1:30 in the day onwards, every day, until 8 were I had to go to bed I was doing a gran and falling asleep sitting up on the couch.

I have never liked the idea of being pregnant. I didn’t want to be pregnant. But we wanted the baby….
Some women see it as wonderful and yes, the science of it is, but the idea of something else growning inside of me and changing who I am through hormones and such, I just never liked the idea, and for the first say 10 weeks I still didn’t like the idea.

I told my mum at 7 weeks because I was just so scared and freaked out by it all. She understood and that really helped.
At 8 weeks we saw the midwife and things started to feel a bit more real. Again support and reasurance was given.

Then as if by magic I was suddenly ok with it. I am pretty sure that is the hormones but hey if it is making this easier then thank you body!

At 12 weeks we had our scan.

Not what we expected at all! 
It had legs and arms and was flinging them all over the place. Instead of thinking oh god that is in me zapping my energy I started to feel wow look how human it looks, this is really, really happening!

Scan, blood tests, midwife and doctors later and we were done and sent home with our lovely photo like a funfair trophy to put on our fridge.

The next few weeks past much the same as the last with sickness and tiredness and by 14 weeks I was really starting to get down about it having not gone to sewing classes or even had the energy to walk Seymour in what seemed like forever.

But as if by magic again almost as quick as it started it stopped. I had a cold to finish it off with but now at 15.5weeks I am pretty much over the cold and I feel like I can say I am over the first trimester evils and looking forward to the next.

Everyone has been so supportive and I should point out my wonderful partner has been AMAZING! Making my breakfast, lunches and dinners, taking the dog for a walk and generally looking after me and the house/dog all whilst taking out the old kitchen and putting in a brand new one, floor and wall tiles as well! Hes a keeper 🙂

So this next trimester was timed well I hope. Hen do and legal wedding ceremony in a few weeks, then handfasting in May. Once that is all done and I have recovered we will be looking forward to 30th August for the arrival of this little one.

Don’t worry though it won’t be all baby and wedding. 
Now I feel more awake I have started my baking again and spring is luring me outside to forrage so stay tuned!


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