Key Lime Pie

Whilst I have been baking and making I haven’t been blogging quick enough for the recipe to be relevant still so here is me making a concerted effort to remember to blog before it becomes unseasonal!
Key lime pie – ok so I didn’t forage the limes myself but they are in season in the supermarkets now!
This is one of those pies that isn’t really a pie (i.e. no pastry crust), it’s really easy to make and looks so impressive. It shocks me how well it turns out and I am convinced ‘well that was so easy the eggs must have split or something’ but no it tastes amazing too. And I don’t even like limes…
This one works as it is smooth, creamy, and just enough zing but without the nasty lime zang that makes your face scrunch up.

The key lime pie is made in 3 easy stages.
Stage 1 – make the base.
Simple enough.
Take 400g of digestive biscuits and smash them to bits in a big bowl with a rolling pin or anything else that would work.
Add to this, 200g of melted butter and mix until it is combined.
Then flatten this mixture tightly down into a 23cm pie/cake tin (tip, use a loose bottom to get it out seamlessly).
Now you will need to flatten it but also bring the sides up so push into the sides.
Now bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 170c/150fan.
Stage 2 – make the custard.
It is a custard as it uses eggs…lots and lots of them.
Well just the yoke, so take 8 yokes and add this to 2 tins of 400g(ish) of condensed milk. Juice and grate 5 limes.
Add this to the mixture too and mix all together before spooning into the now cool pre-cooked base.
Tip 1: If the mixture doesn’t look green enough for you add a few drops of  food colouring when you are mixing the ingredients together.
Tip 2: I found a recipe for Key lime and Elderflower pie! As the Elderflowers are just coming into season now, harvest them and make the cordial by following my recipe here. Then add about 60ml to the mixture before spooning it into the base for cooking.
The bake in the preheated oven at 160c/140fan for 25 minutes. Check it isn’t burning on top, turn it down another 10c if needed.
Once baked leave to cool and set over night if possible in the fridge or for at least 2 hours.
 Stage 3 – make the cream.
This just involves whipping 400g of double/whipping cream and smoothing it onto the top of the pie.
If you have any left over grated limes sprinkle them on too.
Store in a fridge until ready to tuck in and enjoy.
Such a perfect bake for the early start of summer. Take it to a friends BBQ and you will be sure to impress.
More seasonal and foraged recipes soon I promise!

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