We got engaged!

Well just because I haven’t posted in a while doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy…quite the opposite actually, and one exciting thing I did…well we did, was get engaged!
Whilst on holiday!

The holiday was for Richard’s 30th birthday at the end of the April so it was his choice and he found a fantastic Safari Tent in Herefordshire called Maddle brook safari tent. We actually had to go 2 weeks before which coincided with our 10 year anniversary of dating!

The website and photos don’t do the place justice. We went there expecting a relaxing couple of days with Seymour in a glamping tent which is what we got and more!

We set of on the Wednesday morning with Seymour and had discussed if we should stop anywhere on the way down but decided on nothing. I tried to persuade Richard to stop in Hereford to see the Cathedral and the Mappa Mundi but he seemed fidgety to get there and when I realised the parking charge was about £4 for 30 mins I was rather fidgety to move on too!

So we headed on to the location of the Safari tent but as we were there so early we continued past it for about 10 minutes taking a steep and windy route up to the top of a hill to visit Arthurs stone.

Arthurs Stone is a Neolithic chambered tomb, dating from 3,700 BC – 2,700 BC and is situated on the ridge line of a hill with stunning views over the Golden Valley and the Wye Valley.

We got out with Seymour to have a look around this incredible feet of Neolithic man and as there were a couple of farmers milling around the Stones Richard suggested we went into the field next to it to have a walk.

Considering the forecast was for torrential rain we actually had glorious sunshine that lit up the valleys for miles.

We got into the field and as the views were so spectacular Richard suggested a photo opportunity.

He used the stile to position the camera and set the self timer, or so I thought…

Instead he had hit the record button and as I stood there holding onto Seymour’s lead waiting for the flash to go off I could see in the corner of my eye him fumbling around in his jacket pocket.

I tried to turn slightly to say ‘What are you doing you will miss the photo’ but instead was shocked to see him down on one knee asking me to marry him!

I stepped back in confusion and shock, started to cry and said ‘is this real?’ before putting the gorgeous, white gold and BLACK diamond ring onto my finger and confirming to him that yes I would love to be his wife.




This walk then turned into a walk around the field looking at the valley before heading back to the stones to have a closer look now that the farmers had gone, lots and lots of photographs and then the obligatory picnic in the car.





So there we have it, of all the places in the world to propose, not Paris, or Rome, he chose a Neolithic burial chamber with associations to King Arthur.

And it was perfect!

So us, so magical and such a well thought out place. Turns out he had the ring for a year! Just waiting for the right moment he said…


Well that started the holiday on a high and it continued that way. We headed towards the Safari tent stopping at a local Deli shop to get some bits and bobs for the holiday and call our parents to tell them the good news.

We then went on to meet the owner of the tent who showed us how to access their field and drove us in her 4by4 past the sheep and right up to the tent.



It was a fantastic Safari tent with everything you could need. Cosy lounge and kitchen area with gas stove, such a comfortable bed and even a log burner that really got the place toasty.




Outside there was a shed converted into a toilet and shower, a walk way made from pallets (I ran on them and slipped on the last day, giving a girly scream) and a decked porch with deck chairs. The tent itself was the only one there, complete isolation surrounded by apple orchards and a brook.


I would like to say we did loads of exciting stuff but for once we didn’t and it was wonderful. Without internet I couldn’t plan the wedding so we were able to just relax on the deck chairs, take Seymour for walks around the orchards and fish for tiny fish in the brook.


One of the days we walked over the fields to the local pub, nothing special and the outside space was limited but it was nice to do. But other than that we stoked the fire, drank bucks fizz, sat in the hammock, read a book and had a BBQ.



It was a wonderful holiday, nice and relaxing, in a beautiful location and in such a fantastic safari tent. It was made even better by my best friend asking me to marry him. 🙂



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