The Lakes for my 28th Birthday!

It finally arrived! I had been waiting, excitedly since Christmas for my first break of the new year up in the Lake District to celebrate my birthday.
It seems (like so many of our holidays) to be turning into an annual tradition and I really look forward to being pampered up there in the snug cottage.
We got up there around lunch time on the Thursday. Seymour was great in the car, even when we stopped for nearly an hour due to an accident on the motorway. We got to the cottage, dumped our stuff and my parents greeted us with some soup and sandwiches.
Once we had settled our stuff it was such a nice and sunny day so we decided to take the dog for a walk up to High Dam. A short walk from the cottage, high dam is quite an incline to get up but once you are up there the views of the dam and lake are beautiful and the views out onto Windermere are spectacular in the right weather.
We had a lovely stroll around, saw some fishermen and 3 swans.
20160218_152649Seymour had a great time and by the end of it we were ready for home, relaxing with the wood burning stove on and looking forward to our dinner.
It was my choice of film so it had to be Robin Hood Price of Thieves… what a fantastic and yet quite inconsistent film. I over look that because I love it.
The next morning I went down and sat with Seymour for a couple of hours in piece (watching Buffy) whilst everyone else slept. I gave Richard the morning off as he did the nightshift with Seymour as he never settles and sleeps through a full night in a strange place. Then he came down and presented me with lots and lots of presents! Well it was my birthday after all.
I got lots of fantastic stuff from socks, to a banana pencil case, bright orange nail varnish and green mascara, lots of percy pigs and a wonderful cushion with a photo of Seymour on it.
I was truly spoilt, I even got a candy floss maker!
Then my parents came down and cooked up a cracking fry up and gave me my presents, money, more socks, more percy pigs and other goodies.
We decided to go to Cartmel to see the monthly farmers food market and attempt a walk from the racecourse.
However, it was far too rainy for that but the farmers market gave us many tasty treats, as did the famous sticky toffy shop, cheese shop and of course ‘its my party and il…eat ice cream if I want to’ so Damson and Plum ice cream with pieces in it was, very nice.
We followed the visit up with a meal at our usual haunt, The Pheasant, and with our usual dish, the duck.
We went to Yewtree barn at one stage, though I can’t even remember which day it was I am guessing it was after Cartmel. I had never been there before but I think we will go back there it has a great area inside and out of the barn full of antiques, and just some old junk too, some more modern stuff and a small cafe.
It was really nice in there, a tad pricey but a nice change.
The next day we decided to visit Grange-Over-Sands for a walk along the prom and a mooch around the shops.
It rained and rained but we walked along the lonely prom with Seymour and in the town managed to find a lovely new pet shop so was able to buy him a warm jacket which looked very smart too.
A new craft shop meant I was able to stock up on some nice fabric for my bears and
we went for a cup of tea and a toasted sarny.
We tried a new cafe, one that accepted dogs, as Hazelmeres rather let us down this time telling us conflicting information about where dogs could go and then causing a scene in the middle of the shop…. oh it was awkward… but that wouldn’t stop us from getting cakes from them in the future. I don’t hold grudges, not when tasty cake is involved.
But for future reference I think they allow dogs into their cafe but not their take out area.
The cafe that we did go to was……, a bit basic but I thought it did everything we needed, food, drinks, radiator!
Another walk along the prom to the car and we decided to take a quick look into the Artist studio further up the prom. We didn’t buy anything this time but always love to look and see what the local artists are doing.
Back to the cottage for some much needed R&R and a family movie ‘Without a Paddle’ to have us chuckling the evening away.
The next morning was a quick walk with Seymour and a pack up of our belongings then onto Grange to get the cakes and pies we ‘needed’ from Hazelmeres before we hit the road to try to battle the half term traffic (which there wasn’t any of, typical!).
Those few days away for my birthday with my family, Richard and Seymour really did the trick and left me feeling very relaxed and loved so thank you all for making it so wonderful.

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