Monkeying around at Tyrcross zoo

Since Richard and I first started dating (nearly 10 years ago) one of our favourite dates has been visiting Tyrcross zoo.

Since moving to only 20 minutes away though we have only been once in 2 and a half years. Very not like us. But with the cost of the ticket creeping up and other things in the local area to explore we just hadn’t been.
So when we were given annual membership for our Christmas pessents we were really excited to visit it again and see how it had changed.

We went as an early valentines present, arriving early it was cold so hats and scalfs were needed. The car park seemed to be underdevelopment and was slightly crowded and confusing but into the new, welcoming reception area we were impressed with all the development including a gift shop, food outlets and a huge children’s indoor play area (the kind with balls and nets where you end up red faced and very sweaty…sadly not for adults).
We bypassed the short queue and got our photos taken for our annual passes then onto see the animals!

We first checked out the new Gibbon enclosure. It consisted of a new indoor enclosure and outdoor there were 4 islands surrounded by a moat. A really nice space for them to live and play together.

Next we went to the petting area and saw goats, rabbits, rats and other furry creatures. 12771788_10153571121458370_5681691321111032846_oBefore we got there though we saw another new addition, though I almost walked past it, the new butterfly area.
Basically a tropical greenhouse it housed beetles and spiders in tanks and had many different types of butterflies flying around. They even had a display of the chrysalis with some newly hatched butterflies uncurling their wings.


We continued around the site seeing the many different monkeys, some kangaroos and saw the new lemur enclosure that you can walk in with them, though it was so cold none of them were stupid enough to venture outside.

We saw the chimps being fed which was the most active I have ever seen them and very entertaining to see how they collect the food and rush back to the open door with their stash.
We continued around seeing the new giraffe house next to the elephants then onto the birds. We grabbed a spot of lunch which was a tad pricey so I would encourage a family to take a picnic with them to cut the costs.
After we fed it was time for the penguins to feed. They marched them out and told the crowd about penguins whilst feeding them. It was great to see.

We finished up seeing the new toucan enclosure, a big open warehouse type structure that did look slightly out of place, and then the new tiger area which seemed a lot more spacious than their previous home.

We had a lovely trip out to the zoo. It was nice to see the expansion and improvements and it seems there is more to come.
Not quite a full day and quite expensive, it is worth a family trip but be warned it could mount up so take a picnic.


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