Fun with felt!

Last weekend my mum and I went to a lovely cottage workshop in Hatton, Warwickshire to have my Christmas present, a dog felting workshop.

I had received some felting kits for Christmas and after felting myself a green turd and progressing no further I decided to put them off until I did my workshop.

I didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping for more than a turd with legs… and luckily we both exceeded our expectations!

We started at 10:30 and were welcomed with a big, friendly smile from Sophie, the artist and workshop leader. There was 6 of us, like minded ladies looking for a nice day out and something to take home and feel proud of. We all sat around a large table in a lovely converted out building in a picturesque garden, an ideal space with a toilet and kitchinet.

Sophie took us through the basics, gave us a bit of history and went over the different wools that could be used, then we started to felt the animals we had chosen.
My mum and I decided to felt the lovable Seymour. Mum went for a more complicated standing pose while I selected a sitting pose, which meant less legs to felt, phew.

Seymour with his mini me

We felted the body and legs, then it was time for a delicious home cooked tart with vegetables followed by a scrummy pavlova, all included in the price.

Then back to it to felt the head and finishing touches, his fluffy eyebrows, moustache and his many difference colours.
The last 2 hours zoomed by and I rushed to get it finished but Sophie was able to help and reassured us we could stay until it was finished but it all came together and we managed to do it by 4:30. I was pooped after, its amazing how tiring just chatting and felting will get you!

It was a really lovely gift from my parents and a great day out with my mum. I now have a lovely hand felted Seymour to treasure for ever, (well as long as the real Seymour doesn’t knibble it!)

Great value for money I thought it was well worth it so check out Felt and Beautiful to attend a workshop and make your own felted pet.

Seymour meeting his mini me


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