My awesome 2015

As 2015 closes I wanted to reflect on my awesome year and my hopes and plans for the year ahead.

Christmas 2014 I received a sock monkey kit from my brother, which I completed that day. I loved doing it and getting crafty again that I bought another kit to make a knitted monkey this time.

Well I was really chuffed with how it turned out, my first knitting in years, and yet now I look back and think oh wow that was rubbish! Which is good. That means I have improved some what. Both with my knitted bears and branching into sewn material bears using mohair and velvet.

And he is the latest one, way better and yet lots still to improve upon, which I am really looking forward to doing in 2016.

Check out my Etsy shop for the new bears.

Other than discovering my love of bears I discovered my log of dogs. Back in the 2nd week in January 2015 I found some Schnauzer and Cavillier King Charles Spaniel cross puppies for sale. We ‘only went to look’ and came home with a wonderfully small puppy we called Seymour (after the little shop of horrors and Futurama).

(By the way did you notice the sock monkey in the background?)

Seymour was tiny, weed everywhere and could run under our sofa. It was great having him from such a young age because before you knew it he was growing, and kept growing, but in that time we have played with him everyday, chased him around the living room and he has slept on my lap everyday. I have had to change things but I don’t feel like I have missed out, he has enhanced my life and Richards and this last year with him has been the best!

The usual British affair this year but I loved it, some old haunts and some new haunts.

In February for my birthday we went up north to the Lake District with our tiny puppy. That was great walking amongst the snow drops and getting snug in the lovely Woodside Cottage.

I went on a guide camp with a difference back in spring, it was a ‘festival’ camp. And I can honestly say I had a great time as did my chums that where there too. We did archery, shooting, colour fights, foam party, live music and camping. It was ace!

We went to a rather wet caravan in the cotswolds with a demented puppy that resulted in 2 nights of hell and Richard having seriously bad food poisoning (or was it the cow pats…).

Another trip up north for another relaxing stay in the Lakes, this time with a bigger puppy, in a smaller cottage. But we had a great time and the charity shop that we love at the end of the road did not close after all, huzzah!

Cartmel Walk

North again but this time even further, and on a train! Edinburgh.

I won’t bore with the details, read them all here!


But I will say it was a great holiday exploring a fantastic city.

The final holiday of the year was for my daddy birthday on 11th November, oh and Seymour’s 1st birthday on 12th! We went to Belper again but a different cottage, and whilst it rained and rained we made the most of it with fry ups for breakfast and visited the National Stone Centre, and StarDisc. Most importantly though was we were together, and there was cake!

And days out and days in too, we did them all. Here are just a few, read my blog for more.



Attingham Bees

Clay Pigeon Shooting

I could go on but you get the gist. I have had a fantastic 2015 and am hopeful and excited for 2016.
I have decided no new years resolutions, just more of and less of.
More of walks with Seymour, less of making excuses not too.
More of sewing bears, less of stuffing my face.
More of thinking positively, less of picking my fingers and stressing.

Thank you for reading this past year, I hope you had a great 2015, enjoy tonight and see you in the new year!


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