Hanbury Hall Apple weekend


Well it’s been a while!

I disappeared into a cave of sickness, revision and work but I am back now and have a nice new tablet to post on so no excuses.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom I did get up to some fun things, so what have I been doing since I last posted?

Well back in October we visited Hanbury Hall National trust.


We had a great day, sadly dogs couldn’t go into most of it so we left Seymour at home. It meant though that we could do a ground floor guided tour of the house, and what a lovely house it is. Huge pictures of Achillies line the entrance hall and stairs.

The lounge was a complete contrast in light blue/green 1920s style.

Each room we heard about the historic families: the love affairs,  the politics and the deaths and if I am honest by the 4th room we had heard too much. The guide was excellent, very knowledgeable, but I had history overload.

We then went outside to the courtyard where, surprise, surprise, we had a yummy pork bap and locally pressed Cox’s apple juice!


We then saw the beautiful walled garden and went up to see the wood turners in action and selling their wears. I bought a turned light pull that reminded me of a bee hive, it will go well in my study.


Whilst wondering around the gardens and we stumbled upon Hanbury Halls activity for the children, apples with googly eyes. Simple but effective. I love it when you can hunt for things and then find out a fact, educational and fun!


We strolled through the orchard, saw the children using apples and activity packs provided by the organisers to build and race apple boats.

Through the arch and into the veg and chicken patch was where the apple harvest could be found. They were also selling some fresh veg, honey and there was a few stalls selling sausages, pies and juice. But we were there for the many, many varieties of apples.

In a long tent crate after crate was lined up on tables and some in sacks on the floor. Each crate was labelled with the variety, year on record and a bit about the taste/usage. They were split into cookers and desert apples and there was a section showcasing the perfect specimens.

£4 to buy a bag and fill it yourself with which ever variety was in the tent. We managed to get a good hall though, mostly cookers as I love throwing them in to a crumble or even a slow cooker casserole.

IMG_5907 (1)

We wondered back through the pear orchard, where the apple shy was entertaining the children, and by this time we were in need of a cake/desert so headed for the tea room (again) this time for a scoop of their honey ice cream. It was gorgeous, definitely 1 for me to try with my ice cream maker next summer.

I had a great day in a lovely hall with beautiful gardens and the food was yummy what more can you want?

My next venture out of the cave was a weekend away to Edinburgh but I will do another post for that so stay tuned.


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