The Lake District holiday!

Ok ok I am a stick in the mud, I know, sure I like exploring new places but I love revisiting the old places.
I become some what ritualistic about it and 2 rituals I do for me mark the start of Summer and then the end of Summer and onto my favourite season Autumn.

Around midsummer technically we always venture down to Cornwall on a camping holiday, we did this year with the pup and it was great. Harder work than normal with him but we loved it. I forgot to post about it then so you will just have to imagine all the lovely things we did until next year as I am sure we will go again!

The Bank holiday weekend/week in August sees me, my partner, our Pup and who ever can make it out of my family venture up to the Lake District. It is our home away from home having stayed there at least 2 times a year every year since I was about 10.

We stayed in the cosy Fell View cottage. I say cosy only because it sleeps 4-5 but my family normally pile in and now come with a dog in tow.
But I love that. It has everything we need including a small enclosed garden for the dog, a gas fire to keep us warm and all the kitchen utensils you want!
I always wake up feeling so relaxed there like I could stay forever and just live off berries and cakes.

Oh and talking of cakes…
You haven’t lived until you have been to Hazelmere cafe in Grange-Over-Sands. Their custard slices and iced buns are fantastic, their veggi dragon pie is amazing and even their sandwidges are great.
If you like custard and almonds you need to try a Bee Sting. A speciality of Hazelmere’s its a huge almond flavoured bun with creme pat in and almonds on the top. Its gorgeous and I would say an eating challenge in itself but one worth trying.

Hazelmere Cafe custard slice

Another eatery we always venture to when we head up north is The Pheasant Inn in Allithwait. I feel like we have been there so much it is our local! My parents always go for the Duck, and it is fantastic so I know why. Recently I mixed things up a little and have gone for the Game casserole and its so rich and warming it certainly rivals the Duck in my eyes.
To finish it off the Cartmel Sticky Toffy Pudding with custard is always a favourite but I love their Banoffee Sunday. Yum Yum.

The Pheasant Allithwait

The Pheasant Allithwait

Despite it being very busy that day (because of the races I am sure) we had a lovely evening, great food and the weather was so good it was the first time we were able to sit outside on their new porch area and enjoy the views.

But enough about food, though I know my life revolves around it.
What did we get up to?

Well we were only there a few days but we packed it in again, though we did manage to relax as well.

On the first day we took it easy and headed down to the local charity shop in the village (only 2 shops in the village), The Lantern. It is one of those places that somehow has exactly what you need (and a lot of what you don’t need too). It has saved my parents many times when things have gone wrong in the cottage and need to be replaced. Equally I know it has saved my brothers too when they needed to get a gift for me.
We were told it was closing this year but rumor has it they will continue. I hope so!

Then we met my family for a walk at High Dam. A lovely walk up around a dam that once was used to power the old Stott Bobbin Mill at the bottom of the hill. On a clear day you can see for miles, and if you are feeling brave you can swim in the lake at the top! Not even my dog is that brave but some mad fools were when we went up, they looked like they were having a great time.
From there you can walk but we drove to Oscar’s for a cake at Newby Bridge.

HIgh Dam

High Dam

The next day was Grange-Over-Sands Prom Art. For the last few years we have missed it so this year I was really looking forward to it.

Grange-Over-Sands Prom Art

Grange-Over-Sands Prom Art

We had great weather which helped bring out the masses and their dogs along the prom to see hundreds of art stalls. We parked up further down the railway tracks at Kents Bank to visit the Beach Hurt Art Gallery and even bought some pieces. Then we walked along the Prom which is a lovely experience as it is without the art. Lots to see, a tasty ice cream to be had and clog dancers to watch.
We missed the band in the band stand this year but had 1 tired pup (and me) so needed to get back and relax.

Monday we decided to do our usual walk from Allithwait over the hills, through forrest where if you are lucky you may see deer and up to Cartmel village.

Cartmel Walk

Cartmel Walk

The walk is lovely and along it we saw plenty of unripe Sloe’s. The Elderberries and Blackberries seem a lot later to rippen too as we normally bring home a bag load from foraging up there but this year non were ripe.
The village has lots of lovely gift shops and food shops. I always treat us to some cheese at the Cheese Shop.
We had a peer over a gate to see some of the races that were going on and then headed back to Allithwait.

Another fantastic holiday with plenty of walking, food, good company and relaxing just how I like it!


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