Rumtopf and Chocolate Swiss Role Trifle

It’s summer time, so I have been social and entertaining in my lovely garden. This should mean a lot of home made treats and mostly it is but there is one home made dish I serve up that is a massive cheat! But a tasty cheat.
My summer Rumtopf and Chocolate Swiss Role Trifle – party food with a hedgerow twist!

I love trifle, what’s better than fruit, cake, cream and custard, yumm custard…?

My trifle is made with lots of cheat, (pre-made) ingredients to speed the process up meaning this treat can be made in about 20 minutes! Perfect when you don’t have much time to prepare for the party.

Before I come onto how to make the trifle I suppose I should introduce the key ingredient that makes this trifle fantastic – Rumtopf.

Rumtopf is a German/Danish dessert literally meaning rum pot. It is eaten on special occasions such as Christmas, but that doesn’t stop me from having it when I feel like it.
It is a mixture of various soft fruits, rum and sugar put into a large stoneware pot (traditional rumtopf pot).

Rumtopf and chocolate swiss role trifle

To make it you would need to put into the Rumtopf pot a mix of soft fruit such as cherries, raspberries, blackberries, black currant…to be honest any current/berry that you have growing in your garden or in the hedgerow will do well in a rumtopf.
In general for each 2 parts fruit you will need 1 part sugar and 3 parts Rum.
The fruit and sugar has to be completely covered and you may need to lay something over them to weigh them down or they won’t be preserved and could rot instead.
You then leave the rumtopf to mature for several months in a cool, dark place until the fruit is soft and looses its colour.
The rum becomes fruity and the fruit becomes rummy, all in all its very yummy!

As well as this recipe below it also tastes great just drizzled over ice cream or pancakes.

In this recipe Rumtopf is used to flavour the sponge and really gives a different twist on a classic so here is how to make my cheat trifle.

Rumtopf and chocolate swiss role trifle

Collect the ingredients below:
Cheat number 1 = 1 chocolate swiss role, approx. 350g.(try this super cheap 1 from Sainsbury’s)
Cheat number 2 = 1 can of ready made custard, 400g.
Rumtopf juice complete with fruit.
Extra fruit.
Double cream.
Chocolate sprinkles/shavings.

To make, slice the swiss role and lay on the bottom and up the sides of a trifle dish (or a big bowl would do, make it glass so you can see the goodies).
Take a few ladles of the rumtopf complete with fruit and drizzle over the sliced swiss role.
Sprinkle some extra fruit in the centre, as much or as little as you like.
Tip the custard into the centre (it should come to almost level with the swiss role).
Then whip the cream and carefully spread it on top of the custard.
To finish artistically throw some chocolate sprinkles or grate some chocolate on top to look really fancy.

This will be a sloppy trifle and could be thickened if preferred by adding corn flour to the custard but I think it works just fine as it is.

Not suitable for children due to the alcohol content, it can be quiet potent but I think thats what the guests liked.
I am not a huge rum fan but you don’t have to be to like this recipe, it goes down a treat.
Everybody is impressed that I made my own trifle (though used lots of cheats) and most people are intrigued by the rumtopf and then go back for seconds when they have tried it so you may want to make 2!


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