The drunk Pheasant

Just a quick 1 to get the ball rolling, as we have just finished the Pheasant shooting season which runs 1st Oct to 1st Feb (BASC) this means 1 thing…my freezer is full with this tasty and attractive bird.

Now you can buy a Pheasant or a brace of Pheasants (a pair) from your local supermarket ready prepared, similar to a chicken but smaller and darker in colour. This will cost anything from £5.50-£8ish depending on size.

If you want a truly natural and cost saving alternative either shoot your own (legally and safely) or buy 1 from your local butchers/farmers market. These are a seasonal bird and I was able to buy a bird in November with feathers still on for £3.95 but at the end of the season I was able to pick up a bird for only £2.50! And it was plucked!
I actually usually want the feathers on as I make decorations with them, but that’s another blog to come, as is how to pluck 1 so for now its 1 on how I cooked this tasty bird.

This recipe will serve approx 2 people and you will need:
1 Pheasant,
1/2 a bottle of apple cider,
1 apple, fresh or frozen,
a nob of butter,
2 rashers of bacon,
half an onion,
a few springs of fresh or dried sage,
chicken stock and approx 125ml water,
splash of cream,

serve with some potatoes, cabbage or other.

Heat the oven to 170C fan.
Melt the butter in a frying pan and then brown the Pheasant on all sides, remove and put into a casserole dish.
Add more butter if needed and fry the chopped bacon and onion.
After a few minutes add the apple (I pick them in season, slice them into chunks and freeze them), the sage and a dash of the cider.
Transfer this mixture to the casserole dish with the Pheasant, add the rest of the cider and add the chicken stock with water.
Cover with foil and cook for 30 minutes.
Then remove the Pheasant, boil up the stock and add the cream to make a really gorgeous gravy.
In the meantime cook the veg to accompany.
Check the Pheasant’s blood runs clear, if not cook a bit longer. If all looks cooked then carve up carefully and whack it onto a plate with the veg and gravy.

This is a very yummy and warming dinner and left us with plenty of Pheasant to use in a stir fry for tomorrows dinner too!


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